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The Imperfect Homemaker: Anti-Procrastination Challenge: Fulfill Your Promises

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Anti-Procrastination Challenge: Fulfill Your Promises

 I'm working right now on scanning a bunch of stuff that my sister-in-law needs.  It is a little time-consuming, and to be honest, I don't really feel like doing it.  I mean, it's boring sitting here waiting on stuff to scan and tedious to make sure I save all the files in the right place and get them all emailed to her. 

But, she is my sister-in-law, and I love her dearly.  This is stuff she really needs, and I promised her I would do it for her.  Procrastinating on it just because it's not exactly something  fun is not going to help her any, and it's going to leave it hanging over my head and making me feel badly that I haven't done it for her yet.

(If you're reading this, dear SIL, I'm not trying to make you feel guilty!  I'm happy to do it for you, it's just not exactly what I would call fun.  And my flesh would rather have fun than do work.) 

So, now that I've gotten this far on my post in between scannings, I am done with what I promised!  That wasn't so bad, was it? 

Your turn!

What have you told someone you would do for them, and why haven't you done it yet? Have you told your kids you would take them to the park, but haven't found the time because you're too busy working on your to-do list?  Have you made a promise to a friend out of politeness and conveniently forgotten about it?

Whatever it is, it's time to get rid of the excuses and do it!  I'd love for you to leave a comment letting me know what you've accomplished!

If you're just now joining our Anti-Procrastination challenge, you can read all the details here. be sure you're subscribed to email updates or follow me on Facebook to receive each day's new challenge!  

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