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The Imperfect Homemaker: Easy Alphabet Activity for Preschoolers

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easy Alphabet Activity for Preschoolers

I had a spur of the moment idea today for making learning fun.  The kids were playing with this huge alphabet puzzle they got at a yard sale last week, but I wanted them to actually be thinking about the letters that were on it.  I wanted their educational toy to be, you know, educational.  They also had out a play flashlight, and that's when I got my idea.  I would call out a letter and have them shine the flashlight on the correct letter.  Playing with flashlights is fun, having something specific to shine their flashlight on is even more fun.  And the bonus for mom was that they were learning and didn't even know it.


You could do this game with alphabet flashcards, number flashcards, colors, anything really.  Kids will love playing with a flashlight, and it will be a great way to reinforce various concepts.

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